Armenian-Qypchaq Psalter written by deacon Lussig from Lviv, 1575/1580 / Ed. by A.Garkavets, E.Khurshudian. Almaty: Desht-i-Qypchaq, 2001. 656 pp.


Alexander Garkavets and Eduard Khurshudian published the memorial in September 2001 according to two versions: manuscript 3546/III (1575th year) of the Library of the National museum, Czartorysky branch  in Krakow, Poland, and manuscript Cod. Arm. 13 of the Austrian National Library, Vienna (1580th year).

The publication is sacred to 1700th Anniversary of Proclamation of Christianity as Armenia's state religion (April 27-28, 301 y.).

Candidate of historic sciences Ruzan Sarkissian typed the Armenian original on Ghrabar (Old-Armenian language) according to photocopies of both manuscripts and made primary collation with J.Zoghrabian's edition of the West-Armenian Bible.

Final collation of Old-Armenian text with the photocopy of Viennese manuscript and with J.Zoghrabian's edition did Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Republic Armenia in Republic of Kazakhstan, professor, doctor of historic sciences Eduard Khurshudian. To him belongs proofreading of Armenian column of the deacon Lussig's Armenian-Qypchaq glossary to Psalter, too.

Doctor of philological sciences Alexander Garkavets prepared both Qypchaq versions of the deacon Lussig's Psalters and his Armenian-Qypchaq glossary to Armenian Psalter and performed turkological transcription of these three issues.

The authors of the introduction: A.Garkavets, E.Khurshudian.

The book concludes an article of A.Garkavets "The Mysterious Ukrainian Armenians, which spoke, wrote and prayed Qypchaq and 400 years ago published a first-ever Qypchaq book".

The article includes a literature list on Armeno-Qypchaqology.


Introduction in text format:

Introduction in English. Files Docs\AQ-Psalter\PS-IN-EN.DOC (33 Kb) or Docs\AQ-Psalter\PS-IN-EN.ZIP (13 Kb).

Introduction in Russian. Files Docs\AQ-Psalter\PS-IN-RU.DOC (37 Kb) or Docs\AQ-Psalter\PS-IN-RU.ZIP (15 Kb).

Meratsutiun (Introduction in Armenian). Files Docs\AQ-Psalter\PS-IN-AR.DOC (35 Kb) or Docs\AQ-Psalter\PS-IN-AR.ZIP (15 Kb).


Titles, Introduction in English, Armenian and Russian with illustrations in *.pdf format: photo of Architectural ensemble in village Arich (former appellation - Khpchakh), Artik region, Shirak province of Armenia, which includes Khpchakhawank - Qypchaq cloister; photos of Armenian churches in Lviv and Kamenets-Podolsky; facsimile of title pages of both Viennese and Krakow manuscripts, and also title and four pages of first Qypchaq printing book - "Prayer-book for simple Christians", published by Jovhannes Karmadaneents in Lviv 1618.

Pages I-XLVI (46 pages).

File 000-I-XLVI.pdf (1.540 Kb).

Turcology transcription of two Qypchaq versions by manuscripts of 1575 and 1580 years and their Armenian origin.

Pages 1, 2-318.

Files: 001.pdf (21 Kb),  002-318.pdf (8.653 Kb), (1.582 Kb).

Qypchaq versions of both manuscripts 1575th and 1580th years in original Armenian script .

Pages 319, 320-555.

Files 319.pdf (23 Kb), 320-555 (1.891 Kb), (516 Kb).

Armenian-Qypchaq Glossary to Armenian Psalter, written by deacon Lusig from Lvov.

Pages 556-582.

Files: 556-582.pdf (5,291 Kb), (1,236 Kb),

An article of Alexander Garkavets "The Mysterious Ukrainian Armenians, which spoke, wrote and prayed Qypchaq and 400 years ago published a first-ever Qypchaq book".

Pages 583-610.

The file 583-610.pdf (6.302 Kb), (940 Kb).


The files of the Armenian-Qypchaq Psalter in text format exposed on the Memorials page.


Many peoples promoted to realization of our project in different years in possibilities measure and in correspondence with inspired impulse of beneficial soul. Publishers thank those, whose help on some stage was peculiarly necessary. Our gratitude words in Armenian and English are printed on pages XXXVII-XXXVIII and XLII-XLIII.

Now when our work is completed and published, the memorial publishers express sincere gratitude to David Galstian, vice-president of the "Leeds Gas & Oil Company Ltd", for generous backing up on publication stage.

Authors are thankful to Viktor Shmonin, the director of Printing-house "Print-S", for organization of efficient book printing and to collective of this printing-house for qualitative press in compressed dates.


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